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ADT has been supplying its customers with products covering all aspects of screwdriving technology for more than 20 years.

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About us

ADT Fuchs GmbH is a family-run company located in Nuremberg that specializes in industrial screwdriving and soldering technology, robotics, assembly technology, and process automation. ADT Fuchs is a German agent for the products of KILEWS, the world’s largest industrial screwdriver manufacturer, as well as for TM Robot.

In addition to acting as a retailer for screwdriving technology and robotics products, we produce our own tool handling systems. Our focus here is on manufacturing torque supports and support arm systems.

These modular products are the ideal solutions wherever components or materials need to be moved or processed – for example in the automotive industry, medical technology, electronics manufacturing, or the chemical industry.

ADT Fuchs supplies everything from one source – ready for operation and with all the necessary certificates. Our services range from on-site service to calibration to repairs in our own service center. Not only do we service products we supply ourselves, but also products from other manufacturers – simply contact us!

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