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Handling and positioning systems



Our handling systems, such as carbon torque supports, articulated and linear arms, and much more, offer you top quality and durability – 100% Made in Germany.

We have applied our years of comprehensive experience in screwdriving technology to design products that reduce costs and further improve ergonomics. For example, we use better materials to significantly reduce the diameter of our telescopic tubes. Now the diameter of our 40-Nm arm is equivalent to that of the previous 15-Nm arm.

Our products are very lightweight and versatile. They support workers while they use handheld tools, helping prevent fatigue and injuries. The handheld tool retains its full flexibility, and even high torques can be applied reliably and easily.

All our torque supports and handling systems are universal solutions, fitting on most tools with no adjustment necessary. Because we produce in our own facility in Nuremberg, we can manufacture special lengths, special torque ranges, and special tool holders for you in a very short time.


KDA and KP-AUX-B50 Teleskop
Torque supports made
of carbon and aluminium


Swivel support arm

Gelenktragarm von ADT in Silber-Schwarz

ADT Articulated support arms


ADT Linear support arms

ADT_screwdriving technology_parallel_support arm_PoSy_80

Parallel support arm


AGS Articulated support arms with position monitoring