Techman videos

Collaborative screwing application
(exhibited at the Productronica 2019)

Components used:

  • Techman TM5-900 collaborative 6-axis robot
  • ASG XPAQ screwing system with an SD2500 EC screwdriver

This application demonstrates the enormous advantages of the combination of a Techman TM5 collaborative robot with a camera system and a high-precision screwing system from ASG. The camera in the TM5 first recognizes the component, then scans the landmark on it. Using this landmark, the Techman can define the exact position of the component in 3D. In the video, catalogs are placed underneath the component and the TM5 automatically adjusts to the angle. The landmark can be attached to e.g. assemblies, tables, and conveyor belts. The TM collaborative robots detect the landmarks and adjust to the changing positions.

The ASG XPAQ screwing system features an EC screwdriver with an integrated torque and rotation sensor. Data such as the torque, rotation, date, time, etc. is saved to the XPAQ and can be transferred to higher-level systems or servers. This enables a wide range of high-precision screwing tasks to be done.

The system shown can be used as an automatic screwing installation solution. During screwing, other assembly work can be carried out simultaneously. It is also an ideal disassembly solution at repair and rework stations.

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Components used:

  • Techman TM5-900 collaborative 6-axis robot
  • TRA245-A soldering robot from JBC
  • SFR-A automatic tin feeding system from JBC
  • CLMR-A soldering tip cleaning system from JBC
  • CS2R245-A soldering tip changing unit from JBC
  • R245-004 and R245-013 soldering tips from JBC

Flexible and tailored to your needs: Modular robot cells can be quickly and easily integrated into new or existing production lines. They can take care of complete applications or perform part-processes in production lines. You benefit from flexibility due to the combination of compact design and safety in various applications, such as soldering at high temperatures.

Company presentation of KILEWS of Taiwan, the world’s largest electric screwdriver manufacturer