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Our accessories offer unrivalled screwdriving technology and ergonomics at the assembly workplace.

The range includes items such as screw trays (also adjustable) for easier pickup of small screws by vacuum or magnet, corresponding magnetic rings to magnetize bits, and tool holders and holsters.

We can also supply you with manufacturer-specific accessories from KILEWS and DELVO, for example retrofittable soft-start and I/O modules, and connection cables.

At ADT Fuchs you will find the entire range of TECNA spring balancers and balancers as well as a full range of bits and adapters in all sizes and lengths.


adt-screw-trays-and-spring balancers

Screw trays
and spring balancers

adt-kilews-holders-and-magnetic rings

KILEWS Holders
and magnetic rings

adt-kilews-accessories-pistol grips

KILEWS Pistol grips
and torque sleeves

adt-kilews-soft-start modules

Soft-start modules


KL-SCBSN Multifunction module
and angular gears

TECNA-Spring balancers-and-balancers

TECNA Spring balancers
and balancers