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Screw feeding and separating systems

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable solution for the automatic singulation and provision of screws in your production process? Then you’ve come to the right place! Ohtake is a renowned provider of innovative screw feeding systems, offering you the latest technology for an optimized production environment.

ADT-screwdriving technology-KFA-series-fixed-setting-screw-separators-with-counter function

Series fixed-rate
screw separating systems
with counter function


screw separating system


NJL- and NJC-series


OHTAKE NS series
(formerly QUICHER) compact
screw separating system
with optional turntable

ADT_Schraubtechnik_screw separating systems _OHTAKE_NSBI_NSRI_series

(formerly QUICHER)


(formerly QUICHER)
screw separating systems
for extra-long screws
up to 25 mm

ohtake-fm-36-screw separating systems

and FME-36-series
screw separating systems
for extra-long screws up to 25 mm


LS-HR, LV and LF series
screw separating systems
for extra-long screws
up to 50 mm

OHTAKE OM-26-series
(formerly QUICHER)
compact screw separator
with radial screw removal

ohtake-nj-80-screw bin

OHTAKE NJ-80, SR-80, T-150
und MHP-80 series
screw bin M1 – M6
and a max. screw length of
25 mm

ohtake-fm-36-screw separating systems

lift-swivel mover

Why Othake?

Our Ohtake screw singulation devices have been specifically designed to meet your industrial requirements. With our years of experience and expertise in automation technology, we have created a system that ensures the highest precision and efficiency.

The operation of our Ohtake screw singulation devices is impressive: By combining vibrations and gravity, our system effortlessly and reliably transports screws from a storage container to the pick-up point or to the screwing tool. The precise control enables uniform feeding, guaranteeing smooth fastening of your products.

Why should you choose Ohtake’s screw singulation devices? The benefits are manifold:

    1. Productivity enhancement: With our automated screw feeding, you can increase production speed and improve efficiency. The smooth flow of the screwing process allows for faster completion of your products.
    2. Error reduction: Thanks to our precise feeding technology, you minimize human errors that can occur in manual screwing processes. The automatic positioning of the screws ensures consistent quality and reduces waste.
    3. Adaptability: Our Ohtake screw singulation devices are flexible and can be adjusted to different screw sizes and types. No matter which industry you are in, our system adapts to your individual requirements, enabling versatile production.
    4. Cost savings: By automating the screwing process, you can reduce labor costs and shorten production time. The reliability of our screw feeding also reduces waste and ensures an optimized cost structure.

Trust in Ohtake and benefit from our many years of experience and technical know-how. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with tailor-made solutions and excellent customer service.

Contact us today and discover the advantages of Ohtake’s screw singulation devices. Optimize your production process and increase efficiency with our innovative technology. Ohtake – your partner for top-quality screw feeding systems!