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Collaborative robots for fast and easy automation. We have the right solution for your company, whatever its size

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Automation for increased
profitability and flexibility

Whether you’ve already thought about using robotics or not: your company will definitely benefit from our collaborative robots. Their versatility means you can use them as stand-ins, assistants, or fully autonomous workers.

Solving the problems that affect businesses today


complain of a shortage of (skilled) workers


see this as a business risk


are pursuing digitalization


are relying on process automation

Multi-talented Cobot

Techmann Cobot the industrial robot that’s more flexible than ever!

Our Techmann cobot is engineered so it can do a wide range of tasks in your company. The latest technologies and innovative design ensure our collaborative robot can weld, screw, saw, pick, machine, and much more.


Product characteristics

Load capacity

The Techman cobot is available in various sizes and load capacities to suit different application fields:

  • Normal load capacity (4-6kg) – suitable e.g. for the electronics industry, automotive industry, and food industry
  • Medium to heavy load capacity (12-14kg) – suitable e.g. for the semiconductor industry as well as control cabinet construction and mechanical engineering
  • For mobile cobot solutions in the electronics industry (4-6kg)
  • For mobile cobot solutions in the semiconductor and control cabinet industries and in mechanical engineering (12-14kg)

Reach / arm length

  • Techman cobots with normal load capacity: 700 – 900mm
  • Techman cobots with medium to heavy load capacity: 1.100 – 1.300mm
  • Mobile cobot solutions for the electronics industry: 700 – 900mm
  • Mobile cobot solutions for the semiconductor and control cabinet industry and for mechanical engineering: 1.100 – 1.300mm

Integrated camera system

The Techman cobot features an embedded camera system that has been seamlessly integrated into the hardware and software. This makes it faster and cheaper to implement than retrofitted camera systems for robots. Cobots with cameras can detect flawed objects, read barcodes/QR codes/2D data matrix codes, and much more.

Intuitive user interface

… for easy programming without prior training. TMflow™ is responsible for the functions and programming of Techman cobots. It is an innovative, intuitive processing software that is programmed using simple drag & drop movements. With TMflow™ you can create your own cobot projects without any linear programming.

TM calibration board

Simply place the TM calibration board underneath the camera, and a click of the mouse is all it takes to start the rest of the calibration process – for example calibration to the light conditions or the distance from the component.

TM landmark tool

Unique: You can attach a landmark or sticker with defined graphics to the work area, and the camera detection function moves the Techman cobot to the required position. The camera automatically detects the distances to adjacent objects. This negates the traditional limitation that a robot can’t be moved.

3 cobot solutions for flexible automation

We offer three types of cobot – normal load capacity, medium to heavy load capacity, and mobile solutions. These series comprise various sizes and load capacities that make them suitable for specific tasks and requirements.

Normal load capacity: TM5-700 and TM5-900

Available with a reach of 700 or 900 mm and corresponding capacity for loads of between 4 and 6 kilos, these cobot types are ideal for use in the electronics industry, automotive industry, food industry, and much more.

Medium to heavy load capacity: Cobots TM12 and TM14

Available with a reach of 1,000 or 1,300 mm and corresponding capacity for loads of between 12 and 14 kilos, these cobot types offer maximum load capacity and reach functions. They are ideal for the semiconductor industry, control cabinet industry, mechanical engineering, and much more.

All TM cobot types that operate with 60V DC can also be used in mobile applications

The right model for every task: All Techman cobots can be operated at both 230V AC and 60V DC. This makes them autonomous mobile robots (AMR) that can move independently from one workplace to another.

8 times

more robots

are used by companies in Singapore and South Korea than by companies in Germany.
Integrate a TM robot now and gain a competitive edge!

Advantages of our cobot solutions

Here’s how your company benefits

1. Increase your profitability and competitiveness

Through easy automation

2. Balance out shortfalls

Make up for personnel shortages, also at specific points

3. Ensure safe support work

Through standardized safety mechanisms

4. Employee motivation

Delegate monotonous, physically strenuous, or dangerous work to the robot


5. Boost quality

The robot takes over monotonous/repetitive work that requires high concentration over a long time.

6. Process orders faster

Greater customer satisfaction, increased growth


Industries where companies
benefit from robotics


Metal processing

Wood processing

Mechanical shoe manufacturing


Packaging industry

Medical technology




Machine tools



Mechanical engineering


Control cabinets


Application areas

Collaborative robots are real multi-talents!

Quality and quantity have always been crucial factors in production. Cobots that work with precision and speed can give you the decisive edge over your competitors. Take your first step towards an intelligent production system!

Soldering boards





Quality control

Material handling

Pick and Place – Picking and assembling or placing

In incoming and outgoing goods areas of warehouses

Machine equipping






Stand-alone cobot or complete robot cell?

We supply everything from one source!

Cobot als Stand-alone solutions

ADT_Screw technology_Techman_RobotPlug_Play_Robotiq_Gripper

Cobot complete with end effectors

All Techman cobots can be fitted with a wide range of effectors – for example grippers, screwdrivers, grinders, cutters, or glue nozzles.

Mobile workstation – with or without end effectors

The Techman cobots TM5-700 and TM5-900 can be supplemented with an easy-to-operate mobile ESD workstation.

Fully assembled, ready-to-operate robot cell or automatic station

We develop complete robot cells – ready programmed, cabled, and with CE certification. This means you can put our cobots to work immediately and safely! This means you can put our cobots to work immediately and safely!

Safety & certification

Safe human-machine collaboration

In the past, industrial robots were used in zones strictly separated from employees to prevent injuries from fast-moving parts. Today, cobots allow genuine collaboration. Our TM robot series is designed for direct human-machine collaboration.

Inevitably, close or direct contact between collaborative robots and workers opens up scope for collisions. Intelligent cobots can deal with this. Their advantage over conventional industrial robots is that they require less personnel to maintain strict workplace requirements.


Safety & certification

Here’s how Techman cobots protect your employees:

With our cobot solutions, you are legally on the safe side. That’s because all our cobots comply with statutory safety requirements ISO 10218-1:2011 and ISO/TS 15066:2016 for the use of collaborative robots. Plus, you can add additional safety information to all Techman cobots – making them even safer.
For example, the user interface of TMflow can indicate body parts that could potentially be injured by the robot. You can also implement speed limits for the robot arm when it is used in a collaborative work area.
If there is an imminent danger of collision, our cobots can initiate an emergency stop. Upon contact with a person or object, the system stops immediately. This prevents damage and injury before they happen.

Save time

Secure pole position with automation!

While your competitors are still searching for qualified staff, you’re already in production. How quickly can you implement our cobots? We’d love to tell you!

Any questions?


What's the difference between a cobot and an industrial robot?

A cobot or collaborative robot is a robot designed to be so safe that it can work with and around people – without any separating barriers. Barriers are mandatory for conventional industrial robots, so these machines often work behind bars or in segregated areas. This makes cobots a little more expensive. However, they take up less space and can more easily be reprogrammed to new tasks.

How is safety ensured with collaborative robots?

Cobots work more slowly and feature torque sensors that trigger immediate braking in case of a collision with a human or an object. This makes them very safe. Plus, you can add additional safety information to all Techman cobots – making them even safer. You can set the TMflow user interface to warn about body parts potentially at risk of injury by the cobot. And you can set speed limits for the robot arm if it is used in a collaborative work area.

Is the Techman cobot suitable for my tasks?

It definitely is suitable for any task that falls within the reach and load-capacity parameters of one of our Techman cobot solutions. We’d be happy to advise you on the right cobot for you – simply contact us!

Is The Techman cobot easy to use?

Yes – because it was designed so that just about any employee can easily program it, reprogram it, move it, and reuse it. The built-in camera system and the user-friendly TMflow™ application software also make operation particularly easy. With it, the cobot can be programmed via simple drag-and-drop mouse movement – without any line programming at all.

What accessories are available for the Techman cobot and what effectors can be installed?

You can connect effectors from a supplier of your choice to your Techman cobot. This applies whether they are plug-and-play models or not. If not, the effectors need to be programmed externally. You can find plug-and-play effectors and replacement systems here!

Do I need a camera for my application?

That depends. A camera is necessary for some applications, for example packaging, inspection, and logistics. That’s because the image processing system enables pattern and object recognition and positioning as well as color classification and barcode identification. All Techman cobots come with a camera system already installed. The camera has been seamlessly integrated into the hardware and software, so you avoid the expense and work of connecting up a separate camera system. With the autofocus feature, the camera system locates objects in a variable field of view and at a variable distance between the camera and the object.

Does ADT provide support with commissioning?

Yes. You can ask us to develop complete robot cells for you – ready programmed, pre-cabled, and with CE certification. This means you can put our cobots to work immediately and safely! We can also assemble complete production lines consisting of several robot cells in sequence.

ADT Fuchs GmbH is an official distribution partner of Techman Robot in Germany. The TM logo is a registered trademark of Techman Robot Inc., which retains all the rights and interests relating to the trademark.